Family Forestry

At Family Forestry we view every property as unique and a new opportunity to create a finished product for the landowner. While we understand that each woodlot is alive and constantly changing, for a period of time following a timber harvest a landowner can enjoy a "finished product".


Family Forestry works hard to help a landowner create, and help us understand their vision, their "picture" of the finished product.


As the harvest proceeds we ask that the landowner walk with us and talk with us to be sure that they are happy with the result. Landowner objectives are our objective and we take great pride in effective communication before, during, and following every timber harvest.


Here are some examples of the "finished products" that Family Forestry can create:

Special Places, Thinned Stands, Wildlife Plots, Recreational Trails, Walking Trails, Access Roads, Timber Bridges, Trail Bridges, or whatever your "picture" is we can work with you to create it on your woodlot.