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Timber Inventory: This may be one of the best investments that you can make in your property. This information will tell you what you have for trees/acre, volume/acre, total volumes by species and products. In the process of taking measurments on the property, Family Forestry will collect valuble information about site operability, stand condition, advanced regeneration, soil stability, water courses, property line condition, and more. Woodlots up to 100 acres can have an inventory done for about $500.00. It is great information!


Boundary Line Maintenance: It is important to keep your property lines maintained. You and everybody else should know where your property is. If you decide to work on your property you want anyone who is working for you to stay on your property. $450.00/mile on average to rework existing property lines.


Photo Mapping: It is useful to have an aerial photo map of your property. There are several alternatives to create maps using satellite imagery. We are not licensed land surveyors and do not provide survey maps. These aerial maps are created using public information, physical features, etc. to give you an idea of what your property looks like by aerial photograph.


Market Analysis: Based on your location, we can review markets for the forest products located on your property. We will give you an idea of market value, costs related to access, costs related to harvest and delivery, and predict stumpage income based on your objectives. Whether you are ready to sell timber or not, you should understand the value of what you own. This is usually done in addition to a timber inventory. This is very important information for a landowner that is considering the sale of timber.


Timber Harvest Planning, Layout and Administration: Every timber harvest should be carefully planned. A thorough discussion of harvest objectives, specifications, special areas, zoning, permitting, season of operation, "water in water out", etc. needs to take place prior to layout and harvest. Layout is very important to ensure that landowner objectives are met. Layout is important to ensure efficient operation, minimize site disturbance, protect water quality, minimize residual stand damage, adhere to state and federal laws, and local ordinances. Administration is an improtant part of every timber harvest operation. Careful administration ensures communication, accountability, and financial accounting for the benefit of all parties involved in a timber harvest. Family Forestry is very experienced in this area.  


Timber Harvesting: Family Forestry owns and operates a cut to length timber harvesting system. This is considered to be the most site friendly system available for mechanical timber harvesting. Each job must be examined to determine the operating environment, cost factors, products, markets, and other factors to determine stumpage values for the landowner. CTL systems are great for many applications but do have limitations. We work closely with other contractors and can match the right system for each job. Your objective is our objective.   


Road Layout and Construction: We are experienced in road layout and construction. From a simple landing to an extensive road network we can work with you to accomplish your objective. Road cost is dependent opon many factors. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your project.


Timber Bridges: We will build Timber Bridges for your application. Timber Bridges vary in size and cost depending on their intended use. With spans up to 18-20 feet, we typically price these as a materials plus project. We can construct longer span bridges using steel and timber. We can also maintain your existing bridge with new decking, running surface and side rails.


Tree Growth Management and Harvest Plans: We can help you stay in compliance with the Maine Tree Growth Tax Law. Landowners can choose to have their woodlot valued according to the standards outlined in the Maine Tree Growth Tax Program. This is a current use tax program that typically results in lower real estate taxes for woodlot owners. There are restrictions and guidelines that woodlot owners should clearly understand. We would be happy to talk with you about this program or update your current plan as needed. TG Plans up to 100 acres cost $500.00.  


Recreational Trails: Family Forestry can rework skid trails to be used as recreational trails. From simple rework and seeding to complete rework, drainage installation, and wood chip surface we can improve access around your property.


Wildlife Food Plots: Family Forestry can create openings with different types of vegetation depending on your interests. Whether it is viewing, hunting, or photography we can help you to improve wildlife habitat and your chances of attracting wildlife to your property.



These are some of the services that Family Forestry can provide. We are always open to new ideas and welcome the opportunity to learn with you as we meet your objectives and make your "picture" come to life.